Why Dyfo Automation?

Our aim is to build a smart and automated ecosystem that can read usage patterns of appliances and provide valuable suggestions and with this smart system, we look forward to optimizing electricity usage.

Dyfo's product is well suited for the Indian market and is designed keeping in mind the affordability and adaptability.

Our system is designed to make the people more familiar with the Home automation concept and to do so we leverage the following key factors:


Giving the power of automation to the common people of India


A system that is understandable and can be used by all.


Customizable according to the requirement of end-user.


Can be deployed at homes, shops, showrooms, societies, universities and smart cities.


The product works efficiently with all brands; you won’t require any rewiring in your home.

Unbeatable Support

Dedicated technical support team which is ready with 24*7 prompt support.

Our Strength

  • In house Research and Development team
  • In House PCB assembling and testing team
  • In House creative team, mobile apps and cloud app development team
  • Over the air update for all our hardware
  • SmartDyfoHome

DyfoLite: Pocket Frinedly Luxury

  • Product comes with DIY guide for adding rooms and devices.
  • Scan QR code on the hardware
  • Connect the wire(s)/plug and easily control appliances without any hassle.
SmartDyfoHome SmartDyfoHome

DyfoHomz: Your Home , Your Map

SmartDyfoHome SmartDyfoHome
  • Product comes with customized view of any given layout/floor plan
  • Customer gets 3D perception of their house with appliances positioned precisely.
  • Thus customer can easily control appliances without any hassle
SmartDyfoHome SmartDyfoHome