Have a very good night

Have I closed the entrance door? Have I switched the kitchen lights off? Certainly, you know this disturbing thoughts appearing just before you fall asleep. Prepare your house for the night – arming the alarm, switch off the lights in the entire house, without leaving your bed. Now sleep tight!


Presence simulation


It’s no longer just a scene from the ‘Kevin home alone’. Your home can really give the impression that there are household members inside. When you’re away, the light in selected rooms and in the garden can turn on at selected times to effectively confuse and discourage people who would like to enter the property in your absence.

Switch the lights off with one click

When there’s a crowd at home and there are kids running around, all the lights switched on is a norm. Keep doing what you’re doing, save your hustle and switch off the lights in areas where there’s nobody, using mobile app from where you are now.


True cinema experience


Watching a good movie is a perfect idea for an evening at home. Have you already prepared popcorn and you’re sitting comfortably? Use the Button to adjust the lighting and get ‘like in the movies’ vibe with just one tap from your couch.

Let the light be with you

While wandering around in the evening and organizing the house we enter many rooms. Imagine that you don’t have to switch the light on and off constantly, but it follows you switching itself on in the room you’re entering. How convenient is that?


The light turns itself off


In every house there are rooms where we come by very rarely. Usually these are attics, lockers and utility rooms that we leave with our hands full. The light in such places can turn off automatically after a few minutes. You don't have to remember about it and you don't have to come back to do it.

There are three main mechanisms for smart home lighting

SmartDyfoHome plug-in


Plug-in, which quite literally allows you to plug-in intelligence to your light, refers to adapters that turn average lights into automated lights. They are best used for one or two rooms at a time.

SmartDyfoHome wire-in


The wire-in mechanism is slightly more complicated, but not much more difficult, and lets you control the lighting in your entire house.

SmartDyfoHome lighting-bulbs


The bulb mechanism allows you to remotely control your lights one by one, without a switch.