• Automated Contact-less Temperature Measurement pushed to the cloud.

  • 5-Second Facial Recognition even with the mask on/enforcement of mask-wearing

  • Door Access by Face recognition with Liveness detection

  • Contact Tracing with attendance management

  • 100% Cloud platform access to attendance, temperature & visitor management.

  • AI Based Alerts, Reports & Statistics.

  • A full stack solution Hardware device, Installation, Configuration, Training, Mobile app and Cloud access.

Technical Specification

Product-Name:Dyfo Guard -facial attendance system
Model Name Dyfo Guard
Model Number V7
Brand Dyfo
Type Of System Face Access Control
Screen Size 7 inch
Installation Type Portable
Operating System Android
Memory Capacity 2 GB RAM/ 8 GB ROM
Memory Size 2 GB RAM/8 GB ROM
LCD 7 inch Touch screen
Log Capacity 30,000