Potential Risks and How to curb them

April 23, 2020

Author: Ashish Chaurasiya

Data Theft
It is getting scarier every day, the thought that you can get hacked and get all your accounts cleaned without a trace. Similarly, identity theft is also immensely scary, that someone can use your details to transact without your consent. To avoid this, ensure that you employ a renowned company to perform the installations as well as secure your IoT. Expenses might be a notch higher than installing these yourself but you and your family will be safer. Additionally, be keen to use private networks while connecting to your appliances since public ones are more vulnerable to such attacks.
Location Tracking
Like spies in movies, the paranoia of the common man is at an all-time high of being followed. While connecting to your appliances remotely, your GPS will have to be on hence allowing other people on this network to track your location. As mentioned earlier, be sure to use private internet connections or even better, pay for a VPN which hides this location.
Technical Issues
Technology is prone to errors and malfunctions and not every tom dick and harry is tech savvy. To avoid being unable to control your systems, ensure you update your systems regularly. Also find time to go through your appliances’ manuals to better understand them. All in all, professional assistance is crucial instead of fixing something that you do not perfectly understand.