Smart Home Surveillance and Security

April 23, 2020

Author: Abhishek Srivastwa

How great is it to control your home at the comfort of your bed, office or even on vacation? Smart Home Control is the right way to go when protecting your family and property. From lighting your motion detecting bulbs to unlocking and locking your doors remotely, home automation is a must have for a secure home.

How it Works

There is a wide range of smart appliances; some require professional installation while others are DIY friendly. All these appliances, whether curtains, alarm systems, entertainment systems or simply lighting are connected to one central hub similarly known as, the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows all these appliances to interact with each other remotely as well as their control and monitoring. Once connected to the internet, the user can use a web interface, a computer or an installed mobile application to monitor everything.

Smart Lock System:

By word of mouth, a touch of a button or a screentouch wherever you might be, one is able to lock and unlock lock systems connected to your hub. This can work for warehouses and storage units where only you can give permission for their access. Once you confirm via camera that the “buyers” are legitimate, then you can give permission. This can reduce theft by firearm threat since you cannot be threatened remotely.

Motion Sensor Bulbs
For yet another security reason, lighting bulbs remotely can provide visual superiority while monitoring multiple rooms without actually entering the rooms. Once interconnected with smart cameras that you can control on the phone app, analyzing the security of your entire compound or even entire buildings has just been made super easy.

Appliance Control
By use of the web application, phone or computer to access the smart home appliances, the owner can easily schedule as well as track operations. Taking for example, one can set the lights to turn on or off at specific times of the day/night. Additionally, you can also set robots to feed the pet(s) while you are away. Nothing should stop once you are out on a holiday or even late due to some inconveniences.

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