The Value in Voice Assistance

April 14, 2020

Author: Ashish Chaurasiya

It’s been a long way coming for the voice recognition revolution, originally known as the Shoebox. The Shoebox traces back to 1961, brought about by IBM when it could just recognize 16 words and digits. Today, voice recognition software is commonplace. Now voice-controlled home automation such as playing music, place orders online, control air conditioning and switching the lights on or off using simple utterances is coming up. By being programmed to recognize one’s voice or certain key words; voice assistant helps ease basic technical work both in the office and at home.

The most renowned voice control apps are Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby and Google Assistant. These are brands from completely different companies, namely; Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung and Google, respectively. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), these are AI technologies that are integrated each on a smart speaker that allow one to give a command by word of mouth. For Alexa it’s ‘Alexa’, ‘Hi Bixby’ for Bixby, for Google Assistant it’s ‘Ok google’ and ‘Hey, Google’, for Cortana it’s ‘Hey Cortana’ and for Siri it’s ‘Hey Siri’. Once activated, they interpret the commands input by language; either by voice or text depending on whether one is using a smart speaker, phone, smart TV, smart TV or personal computer.
For the home control package, Google home is widely used and like most AI, is being updated regularly. It is capable to engage the user in a two-way conversation and hopefully soon, it will have a personality that engages the emotional side of the user giving it a human aspect. Google home answers almost any question and without moving from one room to another, one can change the station, increase or decrease the volume, play music and turn connected devices on or off. Additionally, it has access to Netflix, Spotify and any other entertainment accounts the owner has linked it with.
Most of these companies have diversified their products to incorporate the voice assistant in almost every aspect of life. While using a phone, which has become a basic necessity; there’s the Google Assistant on Android gadgets, Siri on Apple products depending on preference, while shopping online, there’s the Alexa speakers, on Samsung devices there’s Brixby.

Ease of tasks by reducing unnecessary movements
Reduce costs of physical assistant

Unemployment due to reduced need of assistants
Increased anti socialism

Conclusively, the voice assistance Artificial Intelligence is a great yardstick of the capability of man to improve living standards. Improving every day, it is prone to rise to higher limits, to when the human interaction and AI interaction will be indistinguishable. That said, it will require more than criticizing its existence and rather embrace it try make it better for the learning curve that we are constantly on. To a time when machine will learn like man does and still not be a threat to the maker of it.
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