7 Most Promising Advantages of Internet of Things

Jan. 24, 2019

Author: Abhishek Srivastwa

A buzz in this modern era – Internet of Things (IoT), can be commonly understood as a network of electronic devices connected through internet having a significant role to perform the task smartly and in a more streamlined way. Now the question comes that what are advantages of the Internet of Things in making our daily life a bit easier.

Smart Housing

Did you know that, in India, nearly 22.5 percent of people are familiar with the concept of IoT?
Protecting your house from any latent intrusion to scheduling your appliances according to your need, IoT has a solution for all. The smart housing gadgets interact securely and monitor all your demand by using simple applications through smartphones, tablets, personal computer or other devices. Smart housing can also conserve energy and help reduce costs.

Easy Access to information

Internet of Things is making it possible to access our personal data on a real-time basis from anywhere around the world. With the network of devices, a person can access any information from any part of the globe. This makes it a lot easier for people to take care of their belongings, even if they are not physically present.

Internet of Things for cutting costs

Communication between electronic devices is made easier with the use of IoT. This helps in the proper execution of daily tasks. Time and money are saved with the transferring data packets over a connected network. Thanks to IoT that we can now transfer data at a much faster rate than earlier.

Communication made easier with IoT

IoT creates a network of interconnected devices which reduces inefficiency and makes the communication between devices more transparent. IoT encourages proper communication between devices, which is commonly known as Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication.

Automation and Control

Managing everyday tasks without any human intervention is the need of the hour and IoT is one of the platforms which enable automation in almost every sector. Automating tasks in business helps boost the quality of services and reduce the level of human intervention.

Be healthy with the Internet of Things

A patient under a doctor’s treatment can be supervised without a visit to a doctor. It can also provide them a better treatment with proper monitoring by the use of various types of wireless sensors. This sensor sends signals to the IoT network and gives all the necessary information of the patient who is under the treatment.

Smart Transportation

Gartner predicts that by end of the year 2020 around 250 million cars will be self-driving cars in the world’s road. These self-driving cars will be a boon for the transport industry equipped with software, sensors and also smart connectivity. Vehicles will be driven automatically on roads which will ultimately reduce the rate of accidents and most importantly very low carbon will be emitted.

Internet of Things in Business Operations

The use of Internet of Things (IoT) in various business operations like asset tracking, inventory control, shipping, security, managing customers and even personalized marketing & sales operation etc. will improve efficiency and productivity, also reduce costs. Any bifurcation from the real process an alert is sent by the IoT sensors to the concerned person.


The future of the Internet of Things and its use in our daily life can easily be inferred from above-mentioned points. It’s obvious that IoT devices will allow people to think about other important things rather than focusing on minute little matters. Though there might be a downfall in various professions this happens in every technological evolution.

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