6 key Features of a Lighting Automation System

Jan. 28, 2019

Author: Abhishek Srivastwa

Ever since the existence of electricity was discovered, humans have been experimenting with it.
From Benjamin Franklin performing various experiments with the natural form of electricity i.e.
thunder to Thomas Alva Edison’s discovery of first light bulb, several experiments were

And, things are still the same!

We continue experimenting with lights and electricity, and we’ve reached so far that we now
experience it in the form of smart lights, automated lights, motion sensor lights, mood lights,
laser lights and list goes on...

So, are you someone who loves to lighten up the ambience of their home with beautiful
automated and technology driven lights? Or, are you someone who is planning to get started
with the magic of smart lighting, or brightening up the entire house?

We are here the list of latest key features to look forward in a home lighting automation system,
and here goes the list...

1. Intensity Control

There’s enough sunlight in the room, but as you go forward and switch off the light it becomes
too dark? Intensity control can solve this issue! You can set the intensity of the light and stow it
accordingly. And this feature is also the best way to set a perfect ambience for occasions like
parties and meetings. It’s this a must-have feature in a lighting automation system? Now let’s
move on to the next one...

2. Voice Control

“Alexa, ask home control to turn on lamplight”
We are all fond of voice assistants, and we would love to control everything with just a voice
command, so why not control the lights as
well? And yes, this is definitely possible with a lighting automation system. The fondness for this
the feature adds it to my list of key features in an automated lighting system.

3. Control via Smartphone

A smartphone control feature in the lighting automation system is a must-have if you wish to
control it from anywhere around the world. Whether you are feeling lazy to wake up and switch
on the light, or maybe you just want to keep a track of whether all the appliances are switched
off when away from home this feature can help you with all.

4. Light Scheduler

Won’t it be wonderful if the lights automatically switch on in the morning with your alarm? Maybe
we won’t feel too lazy to wake up, and so, this feature also adds on to our list, light scheduling
can also be really helpful when planning to give a birthday surprise or throwing a party. If you
can think of any other way this feature can be helpful, just drop it in the comments below.

5. Mood Lighting

Setting the colour of the day and setting a perfect ambience of your home can be made easier
with this feature. Choose from a variety of colours and create the best lighting for your home.
This is a perfect feature for parties and different occasions, it actually makes home decor a lot
easier, lights are enough to set the ambience.

6. Smart Lighting

Smart Lights are the lights with motion sensors and they automatically light upon detecting any
human presence. Don’t we often forget to switch off the bedroom or washroom lights? With
smart lights, we need not worry about it as these take care of the light operation themselves!
Cool, ain’t it?

So these were the best features of a lighting automation system according to us, which one did
you like the most? Do tell us in the comments below!

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