Dyfo Hub

The Hub connects to the internet to control all the bits, it is the endpoint to communicate and control the bits. It is sound enabled and raises an alert on any intrusion.

  • Number of appliances controlled - 40
  • CPU Speed - 1.2 GHz
  • GPU Speed - 400 MHz
  • RAM - 1 GB
  • ROM - 16 GB
  • GPIOs - 40
  • Voice Control with Alexa

Dyfo Hub Light

The Hub Lite functions exactly like the Hub and is the best fit to control a lesser number of appliances. It connects to the wifi and communicates to the bits and is also sound enabled.

  • Number of appliances controlled - 10
  • CPU Speed - 1 GHz
  • GPU Speed - 250 MHz
  • RAM - 512 MB
  • ROM - 16 GB
  • GPIOs - 40
  • Voice Control with Alexa

Dyfo Detective

A sleek and portable device which raises a real-time alert and prevents any intrusion. Available in two options:

  • Battery Powered - It runs over the battery and can be placed anywhere near the valuable belongings. It gives a notification on a low battery.

  • Pluggable - Powerful sensor pluggable over the socket that gives your room all around protection from anyone entering in your absence.
Get a smart home.

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