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Age of Sensors and the Internet of Things

It all started with the industrial revolution in the early 1800s and then came the internet era in the late 1900s which transformed our lives and was the very beginning of connected life! The internet was primarily used to connect with people and now, it connects the non-living objects as well!

Talking about facts, the commencement of connected age was when Kevin Ashton coined the term Internet of Things in 1999 at Procter & Gamble (P&G). Kevin foresaw that the industries and businesses will transform with a move of sensorization.

With more accurate and quantifiable assessment of the real-time sensor-based information, the age of IoT revolution is here!

The main idea behind this connected age is ‘Data’ the data that can be collected, stored and analyzed. Well, it is very well said that ‘Data is the new oil in this Age’. The global advancement of Sensorization is cultivating new ideas and thoughts that are ultimately driving new ideas and innovative technology in our personal zone, business and workspace. Sensors are creating a room for new opportunities and next level innovation.

The Internet of things is not just a sci-fi, it has evolved and is bringing revolution in our lifestyle, work, and the entire surrounding. IoT is influencing our lifestyle from comfort to safety. Have you ever wondered what will happen if one day all your devices at home started talking to each other and to you as well?

Your morning alarm will be telling your bathtub to get ready with warm water for your bath and your bathtub would direct your kitchen to make a lovely breakfast and the kitchen will ask the music system to play your favorite songs!

Huh! What a fresh start of the day it would be, somewhat like a dream!

Well, it’s not a dream anymore, yes you read it exactly right! Things are evolving and IoT revolution is making all your dreams about stress-free life into reality. Connected age is a part of this era in which every device is communicating with other devices in its surrounding to automate home and industrial tasks. This also helps us in collecting useful data for the users, businesses and other researchers.

IoT devices are for everyone whether they are consumers, enterprises or industries. The Internet of things or I would say the Internet Of everything has brought into light the new ways to enhance the user experience and businesses have come up with innovative ideas like smart homes, smart cars etc boosting up the use of it.

In order to continuously stay in the competition, organizations are still developing new and innovative implementations of IoT. The technology is creating a channel of technological advancements, improved customer experience, better services, and new products that make our lives more convenient.

Some people believe that IoT technology may hamper people’s personal information and create more exposure to cybercrime. The business giants taking a lead in the IoT market need to make sure these new devices and the data within them are protected. Consumers demand such privacy and the expectations are high.

In this race among businesses for making life more convenient using technology, Dyfo Automation has come up with an easily understandable technology, which can be considered a more user-friendly approach to make life convenient!

We are here to turn your dreams into reality! With IoT and Home automation, we will make your life more convenient and hassle-free. Whether your concern is automating daily life, luxury or safety we are here to create a smart home for you with our wide range of products!

For more information visit our website – www.dyfolabs.com

Stay tuned for updates on IoT and Home Automation!

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