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Smart Security Sensors


Smart Security Sensors

Smart security solutions for every day use

It adopts a good sensitivity detector and an integrated circuit. This sensor gathers automatism, convenience, safety, energy-saving, and practical functions. It utilizes the infrared energy from the human body as a control signal source and it can start the load at once when one enters the detection field. It can automatically identify day and night and is easy to install and a widely used product.



The motion sensor has been designed in such a way that it can be mounted on any wall & will not draw forth any attention. And it has been designed in such a way to maximize the efficient projection of the cone radius for motion detection. The slightest amount of movement will easily be captured by the device.
DyfoLabs motion sensor can also be adjusted into all possible angles to point towards whichever direction the user chooses as per their needs once it is mounted. The ball socket within the bracket allows 3-Dimensional wide view arrangement. So there is no restriction in how to arrange the motion sensor as it built with all types of situations & environments in mind.

Our Smart Lock will allow you to:

  1. Size diameter : 9.4cm
  2. AC Input voltage : 110v to 230v AC
  3. Input Frequency : 50-60 Hz
  4. Output voltage : 7V
  5. Output current (Max) : 700mA
  6. Output Power Rating : 5 W
  7. Application : Security/ Intrusion dedector
  8. Alarm : yes


The dyfolabs Application allows you to get real-time notifications & alerts based on the movement in your home. As soon as even minimal motion is observed, the motion sensor will notify of someone’s presence in your home. Useful when you’re watching over children or pets going into rooms where they’re not supposed to play. However it’s really handy when there maybe unwanted visitors trying to access your home when you’re not around.