A. No there will be no heating issues in Dyfo Devices installed at your house. Dyfo Devices pass specific tests before going to the user’s home.
A. You can go through the User Manual provided by Dyfo Kit.
A. You can pay in CASH or do IMPS and NEFT payment.
A. No, the installation of Dyfo system is completely retrofit
A. Yes, Dyfo system needs internet connectivity at your home.
If you don’t have wifi router then Dyfo System will have its own internet system and that will cost you monthly data charges.
A. Yes. We provide installation service on all days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
A. Yes. The Dyfo application supports IOS and Android.
A. We provide free service for a year with max 5 free visits. After that, there will be a certain charge for visits.
A. No. There will be no issue in your house circuit. Everything will work as it was working before.
A. You can reach us 24*7 at +91 120 452 3544.
You can also report a bug directly from ‘Help & Support section of Dyfo Application.
A. Please wait for some time. The device might be offline for some period. It will automatically come online at some time. If not please call on the Helpline number.
A. It means your device is offline and is not connected to the internet. Please wait for some time it will automatically come online.
A. Yes, it is possible to install more Dyfo Devices once the installation is done. You have to raise the request and Dyfo Team will visit your house in the next available slot of time for installation. You have to pay for the extra devices in the next phase of installation.
A. You can raise a request for the uninstallation. Our team will visit your house in the next available slot to execute the uninstallation.
A. To get intruder detection notification on your phone you need to keep “Security Mode” turned on from your application. If you have turned ON the Intruder Detector Switch then you will be notified on your application for any motion happening in front of that sensor.