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No, we provide you with a complete retrofit solution. The Dyfo bit (switch module) goes right behind your existing switchboards without any additional rewiring.

No, our product does not require any kind of extra wiring and is perfectly compatible with your existing switchboards.

No, Dyfo Hub is the central processing unit for entire home automation that is connected to every switch module, hence the Wi-Fi router doesn’t get any additional load. Also, our switch modules work on mesh network technology and the signal hops from one Dyfo device to another without loading up at a single point.

We can integrate your wireless IP cameras with our product.

For the first year, we provide you with free premium support and guarantee. For the second and the third year, you can extend the warranty period further using an AMC of 11% per year. For the fourth year and further, 17% per year will be applicable.

Dyfo ensures that your home is safe all the time. Our Motion detectors come with proximity sensors to make sure it can detect any covering over it. The Door Sensors have inbuilt magnetometer to detect any change in the magnetic field and thus can’t be manipulated with a magnet. All our security products keep up an active communication that makes them jammer proof.

Dyfo has a 3 layer security protocol system. While anything is hackable Dyfo protects you and your home with the state of the art encryption system. For more details contact us.

You can reach us 10 am to 6 pm at +91 120 452 3544. You can also contact directly from the Help & Support section of Dyfohomz and DyfoLite application. Our marketing team will provide all information regarding Dyfo’s products.

You can go through the User Manual provided by Dyfo Kit and help & support.

Dyfo devices need internet to work. In case you are inside your home change your hotspot wifi settings to be same as your router’s username and password. Otherwise, connect to DyfoAstroxyz, disable mobile data and go to, enter your home’s wifi credentials and wait for 1-2 mins. Check in your wifi setting if DyfoAstroxyz is visible. Connect to your home wifi and click on the next page. Set module in a room. Select device, fill device name and type if you bought a dimmable module set its max and min (based on user testing) and start controlling your devices.

Yes, disconnect all the appliances from the module. Follow the installation steps given the user manual found in the box to install the module. In the app, If your wifi router configuration is the same you can add devices in the room and start controlling, if not follow the steps give in Ans 10.

Yes, you can edit (room name,device type,device name) ,delete(room,device) and add(room,device) functionality in room and devices.

No, there will be no heating issues in Dyfo Devices installed at your house. Dyfo Devices pass specific tests before going to the user’s home.

You can go through the User Manual provided by Dyfo Kit and help & support.

You can pay via debit/credit card or PayTM or UPI or IMPS or NEFT payment.

Yes. Dyfo system needs internet connectivity at your home. If you don’t have wifi router then Dyfo System will have its own internet system and that will cost you monthly data charges.

Dyfo can schedule installation with a minimum notice of 5 days. You can also do the installation by yourself by following the User Manual provided with the product(s). If you are facing any issue in the installation process, you can contact Dyfo support team.

Yes. The DyfoHomz and DyfoLite application supports IOS and Android.

We provide free service for a year with max 5 free visits. After that, there will be a certain charge for visits. You can contact dyfo help&support team 24*7.

No. There will be no issue in your house circuit. Everything will work as it was working before.

You can reach us from 10 am - 6 pm on working days at +91 120 452 3544 or contact@dyfolabs.com You can also report a bug directly from Help & Support section of Dyfo Lite Application.

Please wait for some time. The device might be offline for some period. It will automatically come online at some time. If not please call on the Helpline number.

Yes, it is possible to install more Dyfo Devices once the installation is done.You have to contact dyfo team.

You can raise a request for the uninstallation. Our team will visit your house in the next available slot to execute the uninstallation.

To get intruder detection notification on your phone you need to keep “Security Mode” turned on from your application. If you have turned ON the Intruder Detector Switch then you will be notified on your application for any motion happening in front of that sensor.

Dimming is possible in fans as well as lights. For lights, we suggest our customers to get dimming feature for halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs and dimmable LED(s) which are available in the market.

All appliances which come with a rating greater than 650 W are considered as heavy devices. Devies such as AC, geysers and refrigerators fall under this category.

On the app login page click on forgot password. Fill in the OTP received on you registered phone. If you are facing any problem contact 0120-452 3544.

The Dyfo TAM remote is a small and portable device, that can be used to control a wide range of everyday home electronic appliances as a remote. It has 360-degree coverage in your room that enables it to send signals from any direction. You can use the app to access comprehensive TV guides, AC remote controls, etc..

For detailed instructions, please refer the below links: Google Assistant: to be added Alexa: to be added.