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Conserving Energy with a Home Automation System

What are the basic features of a home automation system? Home control, security, monitoring, Lightning control and the list goes on…

People think that a home automation system is mostly for the purpose of luxury and convenience but let me tell you that a proper use of these features can reduce your electricity bill by 30%.

A Home automation system can help you save energy by ensuring a more efficient use of resources like water and electricity. It turns off the appliances when no one is around, limits the power drained to your electronics when they aren’t being used, and gives you a convenient living in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

Listed below are a few home automation features and how these can actually help you save a lot of energy:

Easy Control

Most of the time we are too lazy to walk up to the switchboard and sometimes we forget. We can obviously save a lot of energy by turning off the unnecessary appliances and with a home automation system, you can do so from anywhere with a single click. It gives a control from anywhere and home automation gives a control of the entire house over the smartphone. It makes sure that energy usage is being optimized without compromising with the comfort and convenience of a user.

Energy Monitoring

A real-time monitoring of the appliances is the best way to know which appliances are running unnecessarily. The user can monitor the entire house with a single application and monitor all the running appliances. Users can also easily track the energy consumption pattern with the energy usage analytics given by the system.

Illustrated below is the simple view of a house in the Dyfo Application which helps in energy monitoring:


The Department of Energy estimates that air conditioning is responsible for 54% of home’s energy bill alone. With the scheduler, you can easily schedule the AC and other heavy appliances to function according to the requirement.

It provides the user with a set-it-and-forget-it option which enables them to run the appliances on time.

Alerts & Recommendations

With a home automation system installed you can stop worrying about appliances running unnecessarily because the system raises automatic alerts if any heavy appliance is running for a very long period of time. This functionality eliminates the wastage of energy if we forget to switch off the appliance.

The function is truly something which will make our lives more convenient and carefree by giving us a peace of mind.

Customizable Modes

Home automation comes with the option of listing the appliances under a particular mode so that they can be operated with a single click. The listing of appliances in the following modes is the best way to save electricity:

Home Automation industry has transformed over the years and with the transformation, it has transformed from a luxury and convenience product to something which is a necessity for security and energy conservation.

This usability of the automation system as an energy conserver can be deployed in various other places apart from homes, like offices, malls, business parks, universities, showrooms, and industries. With the huge scalability and usage, automation is soon going to become a prerequisite and an essential in our day to day life.

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